Monday, 11 July 2011

Big Gay Longcat reviews Doctor Who: The Velvet Web

Part two of The Keys of Marinus starts by showing the end of part one again, so Ian says "Look, there's blood on it!" Then the Doctor, Ian and Susan get zapped by flashing lights and noises when they go in a room to find Barbara. Barbara is alright and the blood is from when she scratched herself. Clumsy Barbara!

"What do you think about all this, Doctor?"
"Oh, sensuous and decadent... but rather pleasant."
They are given lots of noms and the manny Altos wants to look after them and give them presents. Ian is dubious and suspects they're baddys really but they all go to sleep, definitely not drugged by the nice food and drink.

There's nothing sinister going on here.

Barbara wakes up and there is more flashing lights and noises that knock her out. Whe she wakes up everybody else has been hypno-eyesed and only Barbara can see the room is horrible really - everything looks nice except when we see it through her eyes, which is a clever way of showing us what is going on here. There really is something sinister happening!

Altos comes in and Barbara runs away from him and hides, she is very scared.

There are brains in jars that are really in charge here. They want to hypno-eyes everyone to be their slaves and Altos is working for them.

Barbara meets Sabetha. "Listen to me, I believe you're under some deep form of deep hypnosis," she says. It must be very deep then, because Sabetha doesn't remember that she is Arbitan's daughter.

Altos catches them but Sabetha knocks him out, having decided to team up with Barbara. But Barbara is caught again, by hypno-eyesed Ian, and she is taken to see the brains.

The brains also have googly eyes on stalks. They tell Ian to kill Barbara but Barbara kills the brains instead and this makes everyone who has been hypno-eyesed better again.

Sabetha and Altos get their memories back. They were sent by Arbitan to look for the keys and Sabetha has one already. They join forces with the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan to look for the rest of the keys.

Susan teleports to the next place where there is lots of noise and she is scared by it. That is the end of the episode.

This episode is a change of pace from part one. Lots happened in The Sea of Death to get the story started, but here there is only one plot until the keys come back into it at the end. It is all about Barbara saving the others by seeing through the illusions of the baddys.

My best bit is the changing between the fake nice room and the real horrible room to show the difference between them.

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