Monday, 18 July 2011

Big Gay Longcat reviews Doctor Who: The Screaming Jungle

Part three of The Keys of Marinus starts by not showing the end of part two again. Susan is still scared but there is no noise. Ian and Barbara and Altos and Sabetha find her but there is no noise for them to hear so they don't know why Susan was scared.

Ian and Altos and Sabetha go to look for a way into the place. Barbara and Susan are left behind and a plant attacks Susan.

After they escape from the plant Barbara finds a statue with the key on it, but its hands grab her and it turns around a secret door so she is on the other side from everyone else.

Ian is worried about Barbara. Altos and Susan teleport on to look for the next key but then Sabetha sees the key they picked up is a fake key. So Ian stays behind to look for Barbara and the real key while Sabetha teleports on.

The statue grabs Ian and turns him around. I think the statue is probably disappointed it could only grab Ian's legs and not anything ruder. I know I would be.

Barbara saves Ian from a trap and tells him there are lots of traps where they are. Barbara falls in a trap herself when a net is dropped on her and then the roof comes down with lots of spikes on it. Ian tries to rescue her, and the roof moves very slowly so there is lots of time, but it is not Ian who saves her, it is another manny - he sees they are from Arbitan because of Barbara's teleport bracelet, and then they save him from a plant as well.

The manny is dying and he gives them a cryptic clue to find the key:
"D, E, 3, O, 2."
They find a safe but the clue is not to let them open the safe. They look around the room until Ian finds the manny's diary and reads it. It is full of crazy theories because the manny was a mad scientist.

"The Growth Accelerator has changed Nature's tempo of destruction entirely," is the mysterious last entry.

"Ian must now lose D10 points of sanity," says Cthulhu.

This episode has been like one of his Call of Cthulhu adventures, what with scary noises that not everyone can hear, the grotesque statue, the traps, the mad scientist with his diary full of demented scribblings, and the plants that attack people.

All the plants try to get in to attack Ian and Barbara. They find the key hidden in a jar that is clearly marked with the clue, so they can then escape the plants by using the teleport bracelets.

But they are not safe now because they teleport to a place where it is very cold. That is the end of the episode.

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