Sunday, 31 July 2011

Monkey Challenge: Who Am I?

A big improvement on the last couple, Who Am I? saves disc 10 from being the weakest of the Monkey DVDs so far.

Even the Monkeys With Badges were on the verge of criticising Monkey after The Foolish Philosopher, and for a monkey that's almost akin to treason against their Monkey King. They might even have had to hand in their badges.

The plot immediately goes off in a new and interesting direction after Monkey, Tripitaka, Pigsy and Sandy lose their memories after eating some magic mushrooms. The only one not affected is Yu Lung (because he didn't eat the mushrooms, not because he was immune), and this allows him to actually make a positive contribution to the story for a nice change.

Monkey falls in with some bandits who, after he beats them in a fight (even without his Magic Wishing Staff, which he has mislaid), mistake him for an evil prince and suggest he join them in their attempt to capture Tripitaka.

They capture Tripitaka while Pigsy and Sandy are off having their own crazy sub-plot about buying new memories from a magician, which leads to Pigsy getting the memories of a rooster and acting like one until he gets his own memory back.

Monkey mistakes Yu Lung for the fearsome Monkey, guardian of Tripitaka, that the bandits have warned him about. These scenes are amusing, with Monkey wanting to fight but Yu Lung doing his best to avoid it, until Yu Lung gives Monkey his memories back by accident.

Once Monkey has his memory back then it's all over bar the inevitable fight with the evil-spirits-of-the-week that were behind it all, since Monkey's magic is easily up to the job of restoring the others' memories.

It's a decent episode rather than an outstanding one, but a welcome return to form after the last few.

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