Thursday, 23 May 2013

New Book Needs A New Cover

Duncan has a new book. It is called The Time Traveller's Companion and that means it is for taking with you when you go travelling through time.

Not really, lol. It is a Doctor Who book.

Unfortunately it has a big picture of River Sue, holding an even bigger gun, on the cover. This is not a good thing, and does not belong on the cover of a Doctor Who book because it gives the mistaken impression that River Sues and bigger guns are good things to have in Doctor Who stories.

On the internets I have found a better picture to be the cover of this book:

Although it is only subtly different because it still has Captain Jack, the Doctor and River Sue on it, it is an improvement because River Sue is wielding a sonic screwdriver as a weapon instead of a bigger gun.

For the cover to be better still, it would have to not have River Sue on it at all, maybe replacing her with a character that actually feels like they properly belong in the Doctor Who universe. Here is Duncan's suggestion:

While there is no doubt that TV's David Jason is a more appropriate character to feature on the cover of the book than River SmugnessSweetieSpoilersSpoilersSweetieSmugness Sue, I can't help but feel that a character that was actually in Doctor Who might be even more appropriate.

Any suggestions?

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