Tuesday, 2 August 2016

A Cellar Full of Silence

A Cellar Full of Silence is the second of Terry Nation's fabulous episodes of Department S. It is a great mystery that our three heroes peel back the layers of bit by bit, ever advancing towards the dramatic climax where there is a countdown to a bomb going off! Truly El Tel is the master of writing telefantasy mystery stories, every one is so different and you never know what is going to happen next.

The main guest star of the week is Edward Brayshaw, in this the same year as he was in Doctor Who's The War Games. But here he is the main baddy, acting behind the scenes and hardly seen for most of the story until it is time for him to make his move - so more like the War Lord than the character he did play, the War Chief.

If ever there was an actor who was born to play the baddy in telefantasy programmes, it is Roger Delgado. But Edward Brayshaw must be a pretty close second.

I give this episode 5 out of 5, and not just for the pre-titles scene where extras are working topless on a building site for no reason. Honest. Mew.

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