Thursday, 29 December 2016

Big Gay Longcat reviews Doctor Who: Journey into Terror

Don't worry, Hoover didn't catch me. My friend Scary Cat, who is the bravest and scariest of all cats, scared Hoover away. Now he is joining me to watch the scariest episode of Doctor Who evar. Part four of The Chase is called Journey into Terror, and even the name is scary!

At first Ian thinks the place the TARDIS has landed will be a good place to fight the Daleks, because there are lots of stairs there and "Daleks don't like stairs." Lol, Ian has obviously not been to the future and watched Remembrance of the Daleks, or he would know that Daleks can climb stairs quite quickly considering.

There are conflicting clues about where on Earth they have landed - the vampire flying mouses suggest South America, while the architecture says Central Europe - so the Doctor suggests they look around to solve this mystery, and obviously that means splitting up.

The Doctor and Ian find a laboratory where Frankenstein's Monster scares Ian. Barbara and Vicki are already scared when they meet Count Dracula, before they are separated by secret passages and then Barbara sees a Banshee.

The Doctor has a theory that they are in a world of nightmares created by the collective fears of mannys. If they had landed in a world of things cats are scared of then they would have met Hoover and Washing Machine and there would have been thunder and lightning and fireworks. But that would have been too scary to show on the BBC so they would not have done that.

The Dalek time machine appears and the Daleks start to look for the TARDIS crew. A Dalek shoots Frankenstein's Monster but he is not killed. Dracula distracts another Dalek so the crew can escape to the TARDIS, except for Vicki who is left behind. Dracula and the Banshee are also immune to the Dalek pewpewpew guns, and the Banshee laughs at the Daleks who are finally up against things more scary than they are.

The Daleks are not immune to Frankenstein's Monster, who picks one up and smashes it (giving us this week's loser of the Dalek Reality TV programme).

The Doctor never finds out that his theory is not right - they really landed in Frankenstein's House of Horrors in the year 1996. I was not made in 1996 so am too young to remember that, although I wouldn't have been able to go there anyway as the sign says it was "cancelled by Peking". Considering the places that the Doctor would later visit in stories such as The Celestial Toymaker or The Mind Robber, his theory was not a silly one.

Vicki escapes from Frankenstein's House of Horrors by hiding on the Dalek time machine, where she sees that the Daleks have made an evil robot copy of the Doctor, one that looks exactly like him when seen in close up. The end of the episode is them giving the robot its orders to "infiltrate and kill" the TARDIS crew.

Journey into Terror is Terry Nation back at his imaginative best, with the original idea of Daleks meeting Frankenstein's Monster and Dracula. At first the Doctor and Companions are faced with a new set of scary monsters to be Chased by, but in the end the monsters fight each other. And then the evil robot promises a new peril for our heroes to encounter next time.

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