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Big Gay Longcat reviews Doctor Who: Timelash Part Two

Part Two starts by showing the end of Part One again, so the Doctor gets in trouble with Tekker and the blue manny tries to put him in the Timelash and the Doctor makes his 'oh noes' face. Then the Doctor confuses the blue manny with a mirror he picked up in Herbert's house and the rebels chase the baddys away from the Timelash.

Meanwhile Peri has been captured by the beekeepers again.

Ooooo, it is sparkly and shiny and colourful inside the Timelash. This story is so fabulous.

The Doctor goes in the Timelash to get crystals. He has a rope so he doesn't vanish. Vena is still worried about him and says "he's dangling on the edge of oblivion" so we know what the Doctor is doing is very dangerous.

The Doctor makes a machine that makes him seem 10 seconds too late. He also makes a gun that sends the blue manny back in time and go on fire. I am glad it turned out there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for why that happened in Part One, because it was very confusing at the time. This story has clearly been very well plotted in advance, it is clever as well as exciting and fabulous.

There is a fight between the rebels and the beekeepers and the rebels win. They see a picture of the Doctor but he looks different because it is a different Doctor when he was played by Jon Pertwee like in Doctor Who and the Silurians or Planet of the Daleks.

The Doctor is very smug because his machine worked. He and Herbert go looking for the Borad. The Doctor goes in the Borad's room, where it is dark and mysterious and not brightly lit like the other rooms on planet Karfel.

The Doctor sees Tekker and the Borad.

The Borad is a horrible scary monster, a half-manny half-monster with a giant hand and a melted blue face.

When Tekker finds out the Borad wants to kill all the mannys on Karfel so the monsters can take over, he turns against the Borad but the Borad zaps him and turns him into a skeleton. That is the end of Tekker and there is no more of Paul Darrow in this story. That is a shame because otherwise this story is very good, and at least Tekker dies trying to be a goody.

The Borad tries to zap the Doctor next, but he is seeing him 10 seconds too late. The Doctor reflects his pewpewpew back on the Borad and it is him that is turned into a skeleton. The clever Doctor has outwitted the Borad and beaten him with his own weapon.

Herbert rescues Peri from a monster, then the Doctor and Herbert go in the TARDIS to blow up some alien missiles. This is a very long scene and it is boring, I think because Paul Darrow is not in it any more.

On Karfel the Borad turns out to be alive again and captures Peri. When the Doctor and Herbert get back they find out this is a clone Borad. He says:
"I must have forgotten to mention the other experiment I have been engaged in."
Although this is an exciting plot twist it is a bit silly, and the Borad is not as scary this time, partly because he has already been defeated once, but also because he is in the bright lights instead of the mysterious, dark and atmospheric room he was in before.

The Doctor quickly defeats the clone Borad - he gets scared when he sees himself in the mirror, and then the Doctor knocks him in the Timelash so he vanishes, because the Borad doesn't have a rope.

That is the end of the story, except the Doctor and Peri have to take Herbert back to Earth so he can write books and become H. G. Wells.

This is the most fabulous Doctor Who story I have seen, and it is my favourite of all the ones I have seen with Colin Baker playing the Doctor. I think it may be second only to Doctor Who and the Silurians (which also has Paul Darrow in it) as my favourite Doctor Who story of all.

It is both exciting and clever, with scary monsters and plot twists. It may be a bit silly at the end, but I don't mind that because the bits before that (which had Paul Darrow in them) were so good.

Now I must next get Duncan to show me the Doctor Who story where Jon Pertwee's Doctor visits Karfel. I think it must be really very good from all the references to it in this story. I hope it is not one of the missing old stories I have heard about, that would be a shame. I wonder what it is called...

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